Bullying : abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc. : the actions and behavior of a bully.

-Merriam Webster

Bullying is using your power to make the other feel low, disappointed and depressed.In bullying, people may use the verbal methods, social methods or physical methods for abusing. The verbal methods include taunting,teasing ,calling names or threatening. Social methods include spreading wrong stories, humiliating in front of many. The physical ways include beating, pinching and making rude sign language.
Bullying generally takes place in schools, colleges, coaching, workplace. The common factors in every bully cases is that is occurs frequently and also that one party is stronger and the other is comparatively weaker.

Reasons for bullying

The reason for bullying can be anything under the sun. If I consider myself above all, actions of any second person may seem inferior or substandard. And adding to this, if I start showing my physical and mental powers and start abusing the other, on a regular basis, and the other person is too feeble to respond, I am called a bully.

Aftermath of bullying 

  • Depression: The person who is bullied starts feeling inferior. He feels bad about it. He thinks that there is no rescue to the situation. He considers himself deserted and thinks that his presence is of no value.
  • Anxiety: The person is always worried about the fact the people bully him, and anyone can bully him. He is always afraid to meet the new people.
  • Health issues:The person who is bullied does not take any care of himself. Consequently he ignores his diet, does not exercise,and also does not follow his routine. All this leads to the problems related to his physical and mental wellness.

Steps to stop bullying

  • Children at school level should talk to their parents if anything unusual is happening with them. Even if you are not up to the mark, no other person on this planet has the right to remind you ofttimes. It is you to decide that how you want to live your life, to change or not, or when to change.
  • At college levels, we have Anti-Ragging Communities in every colleges , at least all over India . Even then if anything comes up, you are free to speak up.
  • For safety at workplace, one should be aware of the Anti- Bullying laws in India available at internet.


Never wait for the circumstances to pacify on its own, nor do try to adjust with the condition, because at the end of the day, it is you who is wasting you life in suffering and not enjoying. 





Support the ones who really need it.

Supporting someone is the simplest way of telling them that they are your friend and that they are very close to your heart.Whenever we see them heavy-hearted, we , on the spot start condoling. This is very natural and instant. But do they actually need that kindness? Will our actions satisfy their emotional demand? Or, are our words valued?

A very rich person has lost some cash money. His friends on hearing about this, run to him to help with money. But , do you think, the person needs the money of others?

On the other hand, a handicapped beggar, who has not eaten anything since days ,cries and joins hands in front of people. People abuse him, while the others ignore.

According to me, if I spare some money in the second case, my money is going to be cherished more.

Similar is the case with the deaths. Why do people make a news out of natural deaths. Why do they have to come up with n number of theories , when the case is clear. And what about the cases that go unnoticed and unheard. So many bodies are found and no actions are taken to solve those cases. After all, those were also humans. We are paying excessive unwanted attention to the delimma that is not actually a confusion, but people are so much interested,that they do not want to come out of it. And those X conditions are left to let solve themselves.

The problem bothered me since so many months, and this is the sole cause that made me come here and talk about.

Thank You.


Musical.ly is very well known among the youth of the leading edge. If you are not familiar with this social media, let me tell you that teens are boiling mad over this. Everyone exhibit their talent on this platform. This is the place where people upload their videos and slideshows. The videos in which they act, sing and dance.

This is not very unique that people go mad over social media , but I am very happy that this kind of media has done a good venture in uniting the parts of the country or we can say world. 

I was sitting and going through the musical.ly and pondering over the fact that people are so into the musical.ly thing. There are so many collaborations among the people and many get featured also. 

I think that this is going to show a very good outcome in the long run, which is quite visible from today itself. People from the north, south, west and east are joining and are in a healthy competition. I really like how this is turning out to be.

I hope the social media that comes up in the future does the same good deed and helps in its own way in uniting the world.

Major Problems of Indian Society.

India is an enormous country that includes people with diverse cultural backgrounds. It has so many religions that everyday is a festival, which is very admirable. But not everyone is enjoying the colours.

The society of India is facing a number of major issues that I like to write about.

  • Unemployment: How bizarre is the fact that a country where the bulk holds a degree , has the most unemployed population. There are a couple of reasons for unemployment:
  1. Firstly, there are many colleges that are not capable of providing good education, or not preparing the pupils for the future challenges. They hand over a degree which is not sufficient enough to meet the needs of the industry. 
  2. Second reason is that, maybe students are sidetracked by the present day gadgets. They do not understand the importance of the education, and by the time they understand,it is too late.
  3. Thirdly, the students are not motivated enough seeing the decline in the job opportunities.
  4. Some plan to start a business, but only a few survive the ups and downs, the other loose the game due to the lack of strategy.
  • Murder: This is very sad that the people who pledge about India being their country and all Indians brothers and sisters, mudde each other at a point. What reason could make you murder your brother? Your sadness, or his happiness? “Brothers” can be murdered because of any or all of the following reasons:
  1. Jealousy: Jealousy is always healthy,if you look at the positive side. Killing the source of motivation is never good for you.
  2. Hatred: I also feel like killing the ones I hate, but I never take that too gravely, you should too.

If the people are so much concerned about the weight on mother earth, they should engineer the other way, not kill.

  • Communalism: God is never happy to see his creatures fighting among themselves because of Him. God is One, and fighting is not fruitful. Not a holy book teaches to fight . Be it a temple, a mosque or a church, the one who resides within is the same. The source of energy is the same, only the way we get it is different. Try to learn something from Him, not hurt the other.
  • Corruption: Corruption makes you rich, but weakens the roots of trust of people on you.

That’s all.

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30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 7)                 War Within You

The word war always draws a picture of butchery, loss of assets, loss of capital in our mind. 

War has never done good to mankind. On the other hand, the places affected with war could not rehabilitate for the decades. It has adversely affected the genes of the people there. The powerful radiations from the weapons has left people reproducing physically handicapped infants.

The construction of weapons exhaust the resources, time and money for the destructive end. Especially those nuclear weapons, that can cause mass destruction in minutes, and destroy your opponents, at the same time, it altered the genetic conditions of the survivors, and their babies, the innocent ones are suffering without any fault of their. They were not even present when the situation took place, and they come in this world with the misfortune of disability in one form or the other.

Well, I am here to talk about the battle one fights everyday. The battle that is invisible to the people around you. The battle is not going to affect the generations, nor the people around. The warfare is going to influence your present and future.

This battle that we fight with ourselves takes place in our mind. Our mind is an ocean of thoughts. Those thoughts randomly bother us, and then suddenly a contradictory fact strikes, and then the other. Our brain works continuously proving the facts true that we want to be true. When we lose ,we start the other round. 

This way, we are lost in the past, losing the present moments and show apathy to the future. This is because of the stress everyone has to face. Things go wrong in a hurry and then those annoy us. But is this battle worth fighting? Is it okay to fight with oneself? 

We end up boxing with our parents, friends and relatives. We upset them and ourselves as well. We stain the relationship.

The best way to cope up with this is doing your tasks with confirmation and then live peacefully. 

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