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30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 6)                                   10 Oily skin hacks.

Hi, I am back with another hack blog for people with oily skin. Oily skin type needs the most care and I have some good hacks, maybe most of these you haven’t heard about. So let’s get into the hacks:

  1. Don’t wash too much : Washing strips your skin off the natural oils. It makes the glands secrete more oil to balance the skin. Washing your face too often makes it more oily. Some people consider washing the oily skin too often to remove the oil on the skin, but the glands counterbalance and end up making more oil.Optimum is washing your face twice a day, once before leaving for work and the second before sleeping. I personally use the Clean and Clear face wash and works very well for me.
  2. Don’t forget to moisturize: One should keep one’s skin moisturized, be it oily,  dry or even normal. Moisturizer has its own purpose of keeping your skin soft and supple. Don’t deprive your skin from being felt good just because you have oily skin !
  3. Scrubbing is not necessary daily: Scrubbing is rubbing your skin with some granular medium that pulls out the dirt and grim from the pores. First of all, scrubbing should be done with gentle hands. Casual scrubbing can cause wrinkle, rashes and cuts. On oily skin, it can enlarge the pores. Scrubbing can be done twice a week that too followed by some mask.
  4. Mask: Masking is very crucial when it comes to pore contractions and sucking out dirt from them. Clay masks are the best for the oily skin. They get into the pores, take excess oil and the dirt sticks to the mask and gets washed of with water.
  5. Tone : The skin should be toned to get rid of the visible large pores. Rose water is good as a toner. I use rosewater.
  6. DIY cleanser : You can DIY cleanser using gram flour and fresh lemon juice to get rid of excess oil. Apply the paste on your face and then rub it off gently. Apply the paste once in a fortnight. Continued application results in even complexion.
  7. Another DIY: Cucumber juice and fresh lemon juice . Seat the mixture till it dries and then wash. You feel fresh and your complexion also evens out. 
  8. Ice to diminish pores constantly: Ice instantly contracts the pores. Hold the ice near the nose area or wherever you have pores, you see the results within minutes.
  9. Hydrate: Now this one is not particularly for oily skin, but yes, you need to keep taking water and fresh fruit juice for that extra glow.
  10. Sleep on clean pillowcase: This is a very minut aspect that no one generally pays attention to. Dirty pillowcase has dirt in it, and people with oily skin stick that to their face, and the germ action takes place in night.

These are some of the hacks , I will be back soon with another hack post.

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30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 5 )                    Approach to a peaceful life.

Peace today is very similar to what was treason in the past, very seldom met. But the cycles of days drive so fast, that there is no time to touch peace. Still peace is a very crucial component of life. One has to catch it anyway.

I have a few tips that help me to cope up with the daily stress. I hope that you find these useful too.

  1. Have faith in yourself : It is not necessary that things happen the way you want it to take place. At these times, maybe you loose aspiration to move ahead. You know that the situations did not help you to perform well, but that never means that you are not at all good.
  2. Keep smiling: Smiling is somewhere a contributor in the attraction of positiveness. Smiling also causes your enemies feel bad about your buoyancy. Smiling makes you feel happy even if you are not.
  3. Ignore: You are required to ignore the things that bother you in a negative way. One should try to be happy no matter what. 
  4. Meditate: After meditation , you feel more focused and help you concentrate more. You just need to sit and practice to lighten your diversions.
  5. Do not develop bad habits: Developing habits that cause regret can cause depression in the long term. This can break you down if repeated , causing a decrease in your efficiency.
  6. Try talking to people: When you keep talking with people, you can share your agony, and lessen the burden of stress. This also pivots your mind and stay calm.

    This is all. 

    Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

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    30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 4).                                              A dream that never came true.

    Dreams are so easy to compose, and bring a lot of hopes and expectations with itself. Dreams are a backbone of your destination. Where ever you dream to be, determines your intension .

    In the dreams ,we are always higher than we already are, this is why we call it a ‘dream’. Therefore one needs to work hard to live that fantasy . 

    I too had a dream to work with the NASA. I wanted to be an astronaut. I remember very distinctly, I had just qualified my class 10th board exams (ICSE) with 89.80% of marks. This fact blew the smoke to my dreams of being in space.

    I always had a curiosity about the space and whatever happens there. I studied my first space chapter in class III, I read about Kalpana Chawla , I was so much motivated to see her in books. I was also so much interested in the phenomenon taking place in the space.

    Astronauts interested me because they had their perks. They could stay in the space and enjoy. They walked in space. Even then, the were mentioned in the books. Children knew them, studied their life history. Their parents are always so proud of them.

    I have always known that the field requires strong pillars of science and maths. I tried even harder to get through those questions, but after a few questions, I lost my spirit. After drooping so many times, I broke.

    However, I did not land there. I am somewhere else today. I won’t say that I am not happy today. I am happy, but not the way I wanted to be.

    Not all dreams come true, so did mine.

    That’s all.☺

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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    30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 3)                                  My views on religion.

    I am a solid believer of the concept of religion. I consider that there is some power that manages how the things stack up. The disaccord among the religions have made it a very sensitive topic these days. People have started a race, for God knows what, in the name of religion. So much of hassle and lawlessness have already taken place.

    People need to understand that no God has ever taught it’s people to fight, or disrespect the other ones. The Almighty took birth in the form of human babies whenever there was a need of instructions for the betterment of the world.

    My school has always taught it’s pupil , ” God is One “,” Mankind is one” , and  “Religion is one“. I remember my days in school, there were children from so many religious background, all playing, eating, learning together, and praying together to one single God. And then, I wake up from that pleasant dream to the harsh reality of the days I am presently living in. The people have changed so much, that the children are tracing the path of their parents. 

    I remember an incident. I was passing by some school, where I saw a group of children fighting over the topic of religion. I can accurately quote their words . One said, ” Mere papa kehte hain ko tumlog bohot bure hote ho, aur tum jaison se dur rehna chahiye humein.” He was pointing out to a particular religious group. The other reacted and striked back. And then they started hitting each other. I was so much hurt at the site of all this. 

    The ultimate message from the Gods is the same. It is only that they took birth at different places and different time. We are the children of same God and we are therefore brothers and sisters. The day we realize this, I am sure that the wars will end. There will be no need of the nuclear weapons. The money to be wasted in manufacturing these weapons can be used to feed the poor, and develop the country. This is only possible if we spread awareness of the fact of all of us being brothers and sisters. 

    The day is not that far. We need to educate our children about the perks of unity. We should tell them that there is only one religion, which is Mankind. 

    A parent can never be happy seeing his children slaughtering each other among themselves. Similarly, God is never happy seeing this creations destroying each other.

    Before it is too late to understand things we need to control our thoughts and funnel our energy in spreading awareness about one God. When we become successful in this attempt, belive me, the day is not far when the wars will end, and the weapons disposed of. There won’t be any more communal tension or disorder.

    Let’s share these words so much, to an extent that this message melts a thousands of hearts, or even more.

    Disclaimer: Whatever is said above are completely my thoughts. These are not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    That’s all . 😀

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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    30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 2)                                       Judge Book by Covers?

    Cover of the book is an effortless approach to get an idea about it , or we can put into words that the cover forms the first impact. But is this image worth reliance ?

    Same is with the mortal being . People have been reviewed from their peripheral actions since ages. But face is not always the forecaster of what is in the mind of the person.

    Shakespeare has also authored in his novel, MACBETH.

    ” Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t .”

    Lady Macbeth said these words to Macbeth. She wanted he husband to rise from his position. She wanted him to murder the King, Duncan. And to make the condition more worse, let me tell you that Macbeth was the King’s most trusted sergeant.

    Another example is 

    ” Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.”

    A person is always true in the dark i.e. when he is alone.

    Not only in the novels, but the series GAME OF THRONES also shows that one should never rely upon the person’s extrinsic actions , maybe that is the one to betray at the end. There are many examples from the series.

    1. Betrayal of Lord Baelish : Littlefinger betrays the Lord and Lady of Winterfell. He assures Ned Stark that the Gold Cloak is by his side , and later those men killed the Stark men at the court.
    2. Betrayal of the Frays : Walder Fray invites the King in the North, Robb Stark, Talisa, Robb’s wife and the Lady Stark upon a dinner, slaughtering them.
    3. Joffrey betrays Sansa: Ned Stark was wrongly proven a traitor ,making Sansa ‘the daughter of the traitor’ .The Queen Regent, Cersie then advises that Joffrey should not marry Sansa .
    4. Betrayal of Theon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands: Theon Greyjoy captivated the Winterfell in the absence of the Lord and Lady.

      There are many more examples to quote from the series. In all the aforementioned examples , the backstabber was always very good to the victim.

      There are many reasons a comprehension for a person to commit breach of faith.

      The reasons may be one or all of the following:

      1. Enviousness: The jealousy may make people contravene the acts that harms the other person.
      2. Still career: Sometimes when one faces inaction in the career , makes one want that people around also do not prosper.
      3. When there is a chance of inheriting something: Similar to the case of Theon captivating the Winterfell. He knew that the Winterfell had no male Stark at that time and the only Starks there were Brandon and Rickon, the children. He knew that if he got hands on Winterfell, all will be his, the wealth, honour and everything else.
      4. Family reasons: Sometimes family hard feelings cause the children or relatives to backstab the other party and avenge.

        People have valid reasons to do deed of their choice, maybe they are appropriate at their place, but the thing is, anger may make people think wrong, and end up abusing the wrong person.

        Therefore it is very important to be able to analyze the person for your safety. Maybe you are right at your place and the other is ready to harm you.

        Disclaimer: Words said above are what I think about, not to relate to anyone. These are not meant to harm the feelings of the others.

        That’s all. 😀

        Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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        30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 1)  Quote I try to live by…

        ​Wise people have said so many good things which are ought to be commemorated in the ongoing journey of life .

        I myself have read about a jillion of these and chalked up some in my sweetheart list . 

        “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground .”

        This is one of the many quotes that I live by . 

        People have entered the world , achieved their intent and then left the world , without taking along whatever they have accomplished . Whatever you attain is of use to you only till the time you are alive , therefore one should never be cocky of their possessions .

        This citing signifies that a person should dream of stars ; grand and dazzling . The highness of your goal determines procurement you make . There should be no edge to your wishes and anticipation . After dreaming of so much heights , one starts working hard accordingly . If your aims are low , you don’t work as hard .

        After actualizing your fantasies , you are required to stay gracious to your family and friends . Sometimes people become so egotistic that they hurt their kin . One should stay on the ground and be kind to all . Even the trees that bear fruits has to bend .

        This is the reason why I try to live by this quote . I have always been taught that one should stay humble, whatever be the situation .

        That’s all .

        Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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