Makeup Beginner Tips

Make up helps us look more presentable and polished. One should also wear the right makeup at the right time and place. Today I have a couple of tips that will guide the girls at the beginner stage.

  • If you are on a budget and still want to invest in some good products, go for drugstore makeup. Some drugstore brands do equal justice as the high end makeup.
  • Comprehend your skin before you step into makeup. Not all forms of makeup suits our skin, for example, I have dry cheek, therefore, I avoid powdered blush, contour and highlight and go for liquid or creme and are moisturizing for my skin.
  • Makeup just adds to your beauty, so you need to keep the skin healthy too, so that the makeup does not look cakey and has a good finish. By saying healthy skin, I mean that the skin should have a good texture and also even. Several bumps on the skin even after makeup is not good to look at.
  • Watching tutorials and getting the look is okay for practice, but to be an expert, one should know how to play with the colors and create one’s own looks, that not only co- ordinate, but also go with the occasion.

I hope you found this helpful.

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