Happy Relationships and People.

Relationship is the manner in which you are linked with the other person. The link should be such that you feel blissful with them. You happen in be in a relationship when you find the need to share the can of worms, or euphoria with someone. Everyone is so much overloaded these days that you cannot share your intuition with everyone. Therefore one can deduce that the companionship of some buddy-buddy is vital.

Being happy with this close one is very important. Never hop into a relationship just because everyone is in one. You should continue with the tie -up only when you do not have to change for the other person. Some changes are obligatory, but changing completely may land you in a hot soup. Just be who you are, not hurting the other half at the same time.

Try not to vex the person, but at the same time, you should also see that you do not have to risk your contentment at any cost. If you feel that you have to do this, then try to move out of the relationship before it is too late.

If we consider the relationship to be a building, then trust is the foundation, time spent together is the height of the building, the bonding shared contributes as the walls and the personal space as the doors and windows of the building of the relationship. If the foundation trembles, the height, the walls and doors and windows dwindle. Similarly, if the trust is lost, the time spent, the bonding shared and the personal spaces are of no use.

Life is too short to waste your time in bad relationships.

I hope you find this helpful.

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