History of Beauty.

Beauty is a concept as old as mankind itself. Now one may think that I consider only humans to be beautiful.
By talking about beauty being as old as mankind I meant that the sense of perception brought beauty to life. Before this sense, the beautiful things went unnoticed.
Now what is beauty? What is considered beautiful? When there was no sign of perception on this planet,who decided what beauty is and what is not. Well, beauty lies in the fact, how the things on Earth came to existence.
The entire creation is beautiful in one form or the other. Some like the colours, some the shape, some the form. It is up to what appeals you the most, what pulls you more.
Now let us see how beauty is relevant to the history of this planet. Everyone knows how life came to existence. We know this because we have advanced technology and people working together towards a common goal to explore the planet, and the processes that took place to give a form of the present day terrain. Now how beautiful is that. From rocks and water, to plants, to flowers.It is beautiful how millions of species are living and are a support to the life system of other creature. How beautiful is it when we realize that everything on the planet is in a relationship.
Beauty cannot be restricted to looks. Beauty is also about a process that produces good results.
Many people relate beauty to looks. Outer beauty is the easiest way to judge a person, but beware! Stereotyping and halo effects are not the most accurate tools to examine a person. Shakespeare has written in Macbeth “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under ‘t.” also” there’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”. Duncan was murdered by one of his most trusted men.
Beauty is not only on the surface. The goodness of character is also beauty.Beauty fades with age, not the character. There have been so many beautiful people in this world, came, lived and died. Do we know all of them? Or the people who we know from the history are all good to look at? Their deed and character is what has kept them alive.
A lot can be talked about beauty because your way of looking at things can make everything beautiful.

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