Oily Hair Tips

Our scalp is too a part of our skin. Every pore in our skin has a gland that secrets oil, called sebum. For scalps, optimum amount of sebum keeps our hair smooth and shining. Oily hair conditions take place when the sebum secretion is more than normal. Following are a few hacks for oily hair:

1. Don’t wash hair too often: I know washing hair helps in removing oil from the scalp. But with every wash, comes a lot of rubbing and scrubbing. Disturbing scalp too much irritates it and secrets more oil.

2. Don’t use a cream based shampoo:  You can identify if a shampoo is cream based or not . If it is opaque, then it is cream based. And if it looks translucent, then it is not cream based.

3. Multani mitti: known as one of the best organic absorbents. Fullers earth ,on our face, absorbs and removes extra oils and pulls out the dirt from the pores. It performs the same function on our scalp. You can DIY a hair mask by mixing multani mitti with the drops of water, until and unless it has a thick paste like consistency. Apply. Later, wash it off with cold water.

4. Keep your hair tools clean: Dirty hair tools accumulate a lot of gunk on the scalp and hair surface.

5. Use conditioner at the hair ends: Your scalp already produces much oil to keep it tamed. So apply the conditioners on the ends, and avoid on the roots.

6. Use dry shampoo or baby powder: Some of you might have such an oily scalp and hair that it is just impossible to avoid shampooing. In this case, you can use a dry shampoo or a baby powder as a solution and increase the time period between the two consecutive washes.

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