Nivea | nourishing lotion | Body Milk

A good body cream is a best friend for people with dry and sensitive skin type. Scratching the dehydrated skin can cause rashes and even cuts.

I shave my entire body. Shaving makes the skin dry and very sensitive. In the process of itching, I realized that I was abusing my skin for so long. I had to get out of the situation as soon as possible, so that the cut don’t leave marks on my body.

I came across Nivea Body Milk in a store. I decided to try the product because I have used other products by the same brand and they performed quite well.

The product comes in a blue squeezable bottle. The lotion is very easy to use. It has runny consistency and is light weight. The white lotion gets absorbed very easily.

The product claims to keep you nourished for 48 hours. In reality it can keep you moisturized for a good 24 hours or more. Nivea promises that the product is compatible with the skin and quality ingredients are used.

After application, the skin is left soft and well hydrated. It contains almond oil which is very good for dry skin. It helps to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss. Almond oil soaks in quickly and is a powerful moisturizer.

Nivea Body Milk is one of my favourite body lotion. I apply it on damp skin right after shower.

The only cons of this product is that it has a strong fragrance.

Question 1) Is the product only for the very dry skin?

Answer) It is a light weight product, combination skin people can also use.

Question 2) Can we skip sunscreen after using it?

Answer) NO! This is a moisturizer, no moisturizer can replace a sunscreen.

Question 3) Price?

Answer) 200 ml of the product retails for INR 220/-.

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