Reduce Large Pores.

Large pores is the most talked about problem when it comes to the people with oily skin. Where large pores are one of the cons of the oily skin, this skin type also has a few pros that one should feel fortunate about.

  • Oily skin gets less wrinkles , and therefore people with oily skin age very late.
  • Oily skin has that natural glow without the use of highlighter.

Being oily can prove to be a blessing ,if you take care of your skin very nicely.


The oil glands present underneath our skin produces oil to counter the dryness, in the case of oily skin, it is a bit more. The oils reach the surface of the skin through the pores present on the skin. The pores when not cleaned, swell up and appear larger, hence the large pores.


  1. Clean : Keep your pores clean so that they are not clogged and do not appear large. You can use a good cleanser that removes all the dirt from the pores. The accumulation of dust and grime also make them appear large.
  2. Do not wash too often : People sometimes think that oil should be removed from the skin as soon as possible. But the truth is that, the glands will secrete more oil to keep the skin moisturized. Washing the face two times a day is more than enough.
  3. Scrub : Scrub of the blackheads or other impurity and unclog the pores. Always use the scrub with smaller granules so that no area is irritated. Never scrub too often , because it can irritate the pores producing more oils.
  4. Tone : Always use a toner post cleansing. It reduces the size of the pores making the skin tight. Toner should be used on a daily basis. One can use green tea, rosewater or even rice water as a toner.
  5. Clay masks : Clay masks are known to stick to the impurity and clean the pores. I personally recommend to use fullers earth with some rose water or aloe vera gel to create a paste and then apply on the skin. This mask in particular creates a cooling sensation and reduces the size of the pores.
  6. Ice : Ice is used for the instant reduction in the size of the pores and also to add a shine to the skin. Hold a cube of ice in a piece of cloth, and rub over your face, especially around and over the nose where you get the visible pores.

I hope you found this helpful.

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By Padmini Srivastava.
Hello all!
Today I am going to be sharing my reviews on Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash.


I have been playing around with a lot of face wash lately. Since I have a combination skin, I need to have a face wash that takes care of my T- zone. This month I have been using the Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash.


The product comes in a tube packaging with a green cap.


The Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash smells very similar to Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash. One can feel the presence of lemons in it but in traces only.




AMMONIUM LAURYL SULFATE: A cleansing agent that removes oils and dirt from hair and skin.

HONEY: Gentle exfoliator, lightens scars and many other benefits.

GLYCERIN: Used to treat circumstances like acne,skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines.

HYDROGENATED JOJOBA OIL: Contains Vitamin E and B-Complex Vitamins.


The face wash does not lather well on skin, so the amount required to wash the face may vary depending upon the skin type.






It has a gel like consistency. It contains small granules that are not at all hard, but exfoliating, which is good. The beads are not that concentrated.


  1. Contains beads that provide exfoliation.

  2. Has cooling properties.

  3. Travel friendly.

  4. Affordable.


  1. The granules should have been more concentrated.

  2. Not very different from the regular face washes.


The product retails for 63/- for 50 ml of the product.


I would suggest this product to the people with oily skin because it removes excess oil from the face. People with dry skin may feel that their skin is stretched after the usage.

So this was my honest review on Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash.

I hope you find this helpful.

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30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 6)                                   10 Oily skin hacks.

Hi, I am back with another hack blog for people with oily skin. Oily skin type needs the most care and I have some good hacks, maybe most of these you haven’t heard about. So let’s get into the hacks:

  1. Don’t wash too much : Washing strips your skin off the natural oils. It makes the glands secrete more oil to balance the skin. Washing your face too often makes it more oily. Some people consider washing the oily skin too often to remove the oil on the skin, but the glands counterbalance and end up making more oil.Optimum is washing your face twice a day, once before leaving for work and the second before sleeping. I personally use the Clean and Clear face wash and works very well for me.
  2. Don’t forget to moisturize: One should keep one’s skin moisturized, be it oily,  dry or even normal. Moisturizer has its own purpose of keeping your skin soft and supple. Don’t deprive your skin from being felt good just because you have oily skin !
  3. Scrubbing is not necessary daily: Scrubbing is rubbing your skin with some granular medium that pulls out the dirt and grim from the pores. First of all, scrubbing should be done with gentle hands. Casual scrubbing can cause wrinkle, rashes and cuts. On oily skin, it can enlarge the pores. Scrubbing can be done twice a week that too followed by some mask.
  4. Mask: Masking is very crucial when it comes to pore contractions and sucking out dirt from them. Clay masks are the best for the oily skin. They get into the pores, take excess oil and the dirt sticks to the mask and gets washed of with water.
  5. Tone : The skin should be toned to get rid of the visible large pores. Rose water is good as a toner. I use rosewater.
  6. DIY cleanser : You can DIY cleanser using gram flour and fresh lemon juice to get rid of excess oil. Apply the paste on your face and then rub it off gently. Apply the paste once in a fortnight. Continued application results in even complexion.
  7. Another DIY: Cucumber juice and fresh lemon juice . Seat the mixture till it dries and then wash. You feel fresh and your complexion also evens out. 
  8. Ice to diminish pores constantly: Ice instantly contracts the pores. Hold the ice near the nose area or wherever you have pores, you see the results within minutes.
  9. Hydrate: Now this one is not particularly for oily skin, but yes, you need to keep taking water and fresh fruit juice for that extra glow.
  10. Sleep on clean pillowcase: This is a very minut aspect that no one generally pays attention to. Dirty pillowcase has dirt in it, and people with oily skin stick that to their face, and the germ action takes place in night.

These are some of the hacks , I will be back soon with another hack post.

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