Our lives are divided into phases. Each chapter is very important as each one of them teaches us one drill or the other. One of the most memorable part of our lives is the college life. School teaches us the maximum number of lessons, because it is the time when we meet new people and go to new places.

Following are some of the many lessons that my university taught me.

  • So many assignments compelled me to spend sleepless nights in the earlier semesters, with time I learnt time management.
  • There are so many things to do that you realize that there is no brim to improvement, improvement is more of a cycle. You make sure that you improve everyday,and learn with whatever comes in your way. I myself brushed up on many skills in the college.
  • You live with people from different places and varied mentality. With practice you are able to distinguish who lifts you up and the ones who are always there to drag you down. I always try to spend time with people who make me happy.
  • Learn to respect. Being real, I did not know the importance of respect till the end of my school. I was always one of the students that were called by the Principal ma’am for the misbehavior. In college, when I came across people with multiple talent, I always felt inspired to discover more of me. I now respect the ones who put out for the world to see whatever they are good at.
  • I was in a hostel in the college. I had to make the monthly budget all by myself. Like when I was at home, I was not responsible for all these things. So another very important thing that you learn in your college life is to plan on how to spend.
  • Not everyone’s opinion matter. I have always known that I am not there to live according to anyone, whatever they say.
  • You learn to value the home cooked food. The hostel mess has something fancy to offer daily ,but one thing that everyone is aware of is that the food has low quality and hygiene levels.
  • Once you start living by your own, you cannot expect a permanent guidance from parents without explaining them the background. This process is often a long one. Practicing decision making helps here. Making decisions on your own serves as a shortcut.
  • Not all druggists, smokers and drinkers are bad.

I hope you find this relatable and helpful.

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Heightening of disrespect for teachers among the students.

Teachers and student are the crucial aspect of the education system. There has to be a hearty relationship between them. But this relationship is downgrading day by day.

In prior days, teachers were above the Gods where Kabir said:

“गुरु गोबिंद दोऊ खड़े, का के लागूं पाय।
बलिहारी गुरु आपणे, गोबिंद दियो मिलाय॥”

This means that if Kabir had his teacher and God standing in front of him, he would first bend for the teacher because he is the one who enlightened us about the Gods.
Another example is from the Mahabharata where Eklavya unquestionably cut his thumb to pay back his guru, and never complained back.
The students these days have become so cheeky that they consider teacher a zero. This is most probably because of the fact that the things have become so much technically advanced that children consider themselves in seventh heaven. They know that the teachers have not handled those gadgets in their time. They do not know that things will keep on becoming more forward as the time goes on.

Another reason can also be the ruination of the quality of movies and series that the media is handing over to us. The children have started following their superstar, mindless of the fact that they are only the actors getting paid for their work, and the students should do their part, studying and establishing their careers.

There have been news (1 or 2), where the teachers have been murdered , to settle a score. This is the limit ,or maybe we have more to see.

Children should be given examples from the past and should be told about the importance of teachers in the journey of learning and development of our moral selves. They should be taught that teachers can be friends but they should be given due respect. After all they are of the same age as our parents and to add to this we are also be going to be of this age some day, so ,as you sow, so shall you reap.

That’s all.☺️

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